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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It's been a long time coming. With a jam-packed year consisting of getting a Master's in Data Science with distinction and getting married, it's time to refine and build Data Science skills. The aim is not only to be relevant to future job opportunities but also to get established as an expert in Data Science.

A dream for any middle-class Indian is to own a home. In the modern era, my version of owning an asset of value is having the privilege of having my very own piece of the internet. Welcome to, the home of the guy that talked too much. I've been appreciated thoroughly for my enthusiasm and have been put down multiple times for my lack of "actual work".

I've always been the guy with great ideas and presentations, and this is an attempt to be more mindful of how I can code and do more to be more. I've introduced over 1000+ people to Data Science and plan to continue on my journey to bring Data Science to the masses. I've always been a person who believes that -

You truly know a concept only if you are able to explain it with ease to your grandmother.

You have doubts, thoughts, want to collaborate on a project, have some crazy ideas or want to hang out. Reach out, make the first move.

I'll be building and creating simple starter packs to introduce concepts that might be helpful in real life or interviews.

If you are already super experienced and super competent in Data Science, please feel free to spend your time making fun of the silly articles I write. It's always good for you to go over the fundamentals of Data Science.

Of course, this is based on my profile that is biased towards Data Science. But, I can be a fascinating person besides that as well. I'm a food reviewer with over 1.6 crore views; I consult, give webinars, teach, write, and am an avid photographer. Having travelled over 30 countries, I enjoy having experiences that I will write about in my travel section.

Never take diet advice from a fat person.

Google me. Anish Mahapatra.

As a lead data scientist/consultant, I've consulted for Fortune 500 companies in multiple domains ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Energy and Engineering and Telecom. I've presented to SVPs, Directors and even the CXO of a Fortune 300 company. I've also been fortunate enough to teach and present webinars in Data Science to over 400+ people. I am experienced in end to end Machine Learning projects and am working to build something in the field of MLOps (machine learning operationalization).

Join me in this journey - it's going to be a crazy one. Welcome home. 🤓

Anish Mahapatra Senior Data Scientist

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